October 2010

Flaming lips

Here is a cover about the Flaming Lips for Eleven Magazine. Had the benefit of some awesome reference shots taken at their show at the Pageant in St Louis by the Eleven Staff. During their shows the Lips take out this massive clear hamster ball and roll out over the crowd, which i thought was an awesome enough gimmick that it deserved some coverage here…

I will get the final cover with text and masthead up as soon as i can.

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Here is a poster i just finished for Dawes at the Gargoyle. Their music always reminds me of being out in the woods, which is what i was trying to get across here. There are two other color versions as well and there has been some talk of the Gargoyle printing all three for variety.

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100 drawings of people; first chunk

As alluded to in the title, i was assigned over last weekend the job of coming up with 100 drawings of people. They had to be on 11×14 paper each to it’s own sheet so that all could be hung up on the wall at once. This was a bittle of will to be sure and a large number of these quick figures wound up well below the standards of anything i would knowingly allow to be posted online…

but there were some good ones among the rough. i’ll post a couple chunks of drawings that worked out. this set were quick freehand paper cutouts.

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Julie Goldberg Kuumba Profile

Here is a quick one i did for a kuumba.tv profile of Julie Goldberg,a fiction writer at wash u. Because she is the a writer and not somebody that produces visuals herself we thought this might be a good one to try out illustrating. The sight has a very panoramic scale box for the profile pics. so i’m planning on the bottom inch or so probably being cropped. The profile was supposed to go up today but because of technical issues with the audio quality in the interview it’s gonna take a couple more days. so here’s a teaser…

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For Editorial illustration this week we were given a review of the book “Freedom” by Jonathan Frazen to illustrate. the final piece had to be a square composition done in ink with black + 1 color. The review was lengthy but sparse in terms of visuals. The themes discussed included, family, liberalism, “the american dream”, supressed dreams, neighbors etc… hope this managed to cover a couple of those bases.

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