November 2010


As indicated, the mighty Noam Chomskys are playing at Blueberry hill’s famed duck room. it should be an awesome show well worth checking out. this poster worked out pretty serendipitously. I had been working on a poster for the quote “Send lawyers, guns, and money, the shit has hit the fan” from Warren Zevon, but had been struggling to get the image and text to line up in a way that i liked. i had all but left it for dead when i got asked to put this together. flashy 1950’s type car seemed like a good fit for a crazy 1950’s era venue like Blue Hill.

looking forward to the show!

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The Horror….

In one of the most fun assignments to date i was given the prompt of drawing two villains: one from pre-20th century literature and one from film. So here is my version of Mr. Kurtz from Heart of Darkness and the more recent Apocalypse Now update on the same character.

…The Horror…

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Love Hurts

For Editorial illustration we were given the assignment of illustrating a well-used cliche. Love hurts seemed like fruitful ground. I tried to play up the contrast between a fairy tale fantasy land with cupid and adorable bunnies and then a guy shot with a very real arrow in the heart. Happy early Valentines day

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