March 2011

Creation Myths, getting close….

This is one of the last pieces of the creation myths series, this one is a west african myth involving the creation of the human race out of clay. At the advice of my professor Jeff Pike, i tried this one without any preparatory sketches, to try to keep a sense of life which is much more evident i my sketchbook than in some of my finished work.

thanks for looking!

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Good News!

Amazed and excited to see that 3 of my pieces were selected into the Brass Ring Awards show in the color illustration category! my Zebras received the Best in Show in the graphic arts and a gold medal within color illustration, while my Mr Kurtz diptych received a bronze medal and a recognition of merit, respectively. Really floored to have been honored 3 times in a pool of such strong work. All of the other awards categories are worth checking out, I was particularly impressed with some of the work in the logo/trademark, and book covers categories.

you can check out all of the selected work here, and a slideshow of the best in show winners here.

Amazed!¬†and back to the creation myths……

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Ty Segall

Just finished up this poster for Ty Segall performing at The Gargoyle may 31. should be sweet….

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Creation Myths, Good News!

Here is the latest of the ongoing creation myths project. This one comes to us from the Aztecs and involves the god of war conquering all in his way. It was by far the most violent of all of the stories i’ve read, but also one of the most visually compelling. One thing I really enjoy about this project is that all of the stories are essentially solving the same problem: how we got from nothingness to where we are now. The range of imagination is continually inspiring.

Also, good news! I just found out that my work has been accepted into the BrassRing Awards 25 show. Awards will be announced March 26. Fingers crossed…

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Exciting News! Brother in arms Logan Alexander and I will be collaborating on a poster for this year’s Artcrank, a poster show about bikes. Just saw the roster and it’s an awesome assortment of 30 artists, designers and bike enthusiasts from the STL area. Each artist will produce a run of 30 posters which will be available for sale at the event May 12-14 at the Atomic Cowboy. Without giving too much away, our poster will include metallic gold ink, hindu deities, and lasers, so get excited.

Here’s some info on the show and the complete roster of participants. See you there!

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It’s been a while since i’ve put up any sketchbook work so here is a set of pages from the last couple weeks. it’s amazing how looming deadlines can spark your energy to spend time doing anything unrelated. And no, I dont have all these Jordans, but I can always dream…

Thanks for looking!

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