April 2011

Big things this week!

A couple of shameless plugs: first, C-DES presentations thursday and friday from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Thursday will be designers and friday illustrators, including myself. Topics covered will include kosher diets, snakes, WWII, miami, Art history, bikeshares and much more including of course Creation Myths! more info on the FB group. The above image is from a Hindu creation myth that i neglected to post earlier.

And….Thursday night we Rage! The mighty Noam Chomskys are releasing their debut full length album at Morgan Street Brewery on the Landing! I did the album artwork and¬†master-printmaker Erin Mitchell¬†helped us get them all screenprinted.

info about the event on FB here.

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Sinking, Keds!

Just finished up a book jacket design project for John Hendrix’s Narrative Sketchbook class. This was a particularly fun project to do not only because the title i got lent itself to fun imagery, but also because we were working concurrently with an illustration class at MICA taught by Jamie Zollars. There was a facebook group made for the project where everyone uploaded process sketches for feedback. A rivalry quickly developed between the WashU and MICA folks. I have never before been in a position to talk trash in an art context, but i hope for many more opportunities to come.

Also…This Saturday between 1 and 4 pm I will be at Shoe Carnival in Evansville IN, decorating Keds snkeakers as part of their HDYD tour. Stop by if you are near by or are in need of some sweet, hand decorated new kicks.

805 North Green River Road, Evansville, IN, 47715

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It was quite a week but the Creation Myths seminar project is finally all wrapped up. It features nine creation myths from all around the world and lots and lots of illustrations! i’ve been hovering around the finish for a while now so it’s great to finally close it out. the final book is hand bound with an illustrated slip case. Making books is time consuming but it always feels like a good way to bring some closure to a project. Give me a holler if you want to check it out!

Also, Communication Design senior seminar presentations are going on april 21st and 22nd in Steinberg auditorium at Wash U. I present Friday the 22nd but there will be lots of great things to see both nights.

thanks for looking!

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Still cranking

Creation myths project wraps up this week so expect a big post on that in the near future. in the meantime, here are a couple other fun things that I have been upto. the Image on the left is from a book cover project i’m working on. I wound up choosing a different sketch for the final but worked this one up pretty far for the fun of it. The Image on the right is a poster for the musical “The Last Five Years” at the Eastman School of Music. Thanks to Alison Moritz for a fun job.
Thanks for looking!

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