October 2011

Not Drawn to Scale…

For a while now I’ve had a dream to have a chicken coop in my backyard, though it was the kind of dream that I would have never made happen on my own. So you can imagine my excitement when my new neighbors showed up with a coop!  It allowed me to put this drawing together completely from first hand reference. The building in the foreground is a somewhat ruffed up looking version of the awesome Thurman Grill, just a few building down from me/the chicken.  Presumably this takes place on a monday, as the bar looks closed.


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The Lonely Forest x Union Tree Review

I seem to have fallen into a ‘Beasts of the deep’ thing, which i wouldn’t mind getting typecast into.

Tasteful design by Matt Strom. Printing by Becca Moore over at all-along. Wish I had gotten to posting this before the show. Damn.



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Venus & Adonis

 Recently wrapped up this project for a re-imagined performance of Venus & Adonis at the Eastman School of Music. The show is being set in the 50’s and the producers wanted the poster to reference Pop-Art and Roy Lichtenstein, who deserves some ripping off. The coolest part of the project was that i was asked to create a set of images for a comic-style plot summary that will be distributed in the show’s program. i’ve never heard of anybody doing this and I think it’s an awesome idea! Thanks to Alison Moritz getting me onboard once again!

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Sustainability week!

It’s been a busy week! Got a last minute call to design some marketing materials for WUSTL Sustainability week which is happening now! Some of the events sound pretty cool and worth checking out if you’re in the area. This poster was a ton of info to manage, but I was pretty happy with the outcome, though slapping a dozen logos on the bottom is always a dagger to the chest. my favorite part was definitely creating icons for all the days’ themes. Big thanks to Will and Phil at the Office of Sustainability for the call!

more about the week’s events here

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Sweet Yard-sale Find

Came across these awesome old puzzles at a yard sale with Erin Mitchell a couple months back. They’re a variety of animals and other images broken down into panels to put back together. The set was pretty scattered and most of the images have at least one piece missing, Neat-o compositions abound though when you start mixing them up. I need to start a band so i can use one of these as our first album cover.

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Hey all, I submitted my Shark Drawing to GOOD.is’ illustrate the news contest and voting is now open! Take a second to vote and check out all the awesome infographics on their site while you’re at it! also, there seems to be no explicit rule againt voting multiple times… just sayin’


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