December 2011

Illville Hotel


The Illville Hotel is a project where Dozens of artists and illustrators from all around the world are pitching in to create a giant digital hotel full of surreal, often frightening scenarios. it’s a ton of fun to flip through. ¬†Lots of familiar names as well as a ton of new ones. there are more full rooms every time i check back, so keep an eye on it!

my (self-indulgent) piece is inspired by the folks inevitably watching tv at full volume in the room next door any time you stay a night at a hotel.

My piece Here and the neat-O home facade Here.

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Pevely Building

This is a quick and dirty sketchbook drawing of the historic Pevely Dairy building on the corner of Grand and Chouteau in St Lou. This is actually an older sketch but the building has been getting a lot of attention in recent weeks it seemed like perhaps the right time to post it. The Signage on top of the building, which i really don’t do justice here, is classic St Louis awesomeness and it would be a shame to see it go.

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