April 2012

Freemasons for Bloomberg Businessweek

Got an exciting all to work on this piece for Bloomberg Businessweek about an apparently constant paranoia of freemasonry in France. The art director pretty much just said “it should be creepy and mysterious. Have at it.”  I think I could draw weird occult-ish things in exotic cities every single day and be happy. Huge thanks to AD Chandra Elise.

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American Illustration 31

Got some exciting news the other day that this piece from my thesis project of creation myths from around the world made it into American Illustration 31. Really thrilled that i’ll be in that book with so many of my illustration heros.  I was interested to hear that this piece in particular was chosen as, unlike most of my work, it was done totally intuitively, without any sketching and with very little digital tweaking.

Also, happy to share this video that our ‘GOOD Ideas for Cities’ team put together and presented last month. Thanks to everyone (all 850+ of you) who made it out to the presentations. The wild enthusiasm and turnout for the event were at least as exciting as anything presented onstage. Already looking forward to the follow up during STL design week in September.

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