August 2012

Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Recently I got the opportunity to work on the poster for one of my favorite local events, the balloon race!  As this was the 40th anniversary of the race, we talked about doing something that had a bit of a retro vibe. I looked at a lot of WPA era posters and used that as a starting point for my sketching.  I was particularly excited that they let me get away with a hand drawn type treatment as that is something i’m trying to bring into my work more. We wound up going with a slightly different version where the type is more central but i’m still partial to this version. Big thanks to Katie Zeidman at Blick and Staff for contacting me for the job.

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After The Recession


First, Sorry for the drought in posts in the last couple of weeks.  I got to spend a couple of weeks traveling and then returned home to bury myself in all the projects i’d put off. I’m in the closing stages of a couple things that i should be able to share soon!

This is an image i created for the cover of “After the Great Recession” published by Cambridge University Press and edited by Barry Cynamon, Steven Fazzari, and Mark Setterfield. The book focuses on a few major facets of the recession and subsequent stagnation, particularly the home mortgage crisis. It’s a dense one, and we wanted something that felt approachable. I see this image as sort of a roadrunner vs. coyote take on some much more serious issues.

the book is available for purchase Here

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