January 2013



My friends Sarah and Vidyha have started an awesome tumblr called faceXface wherein you get to draw fun combinations of characters in multiplication table form. This was a blast to work on and there are still spots available so give them a holler if you want to draw a pirate cactus or biker nerd or something of the sort.
Cleopatra type


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I’ve done a number of posters for the Eastman School of Music’s various productions and was excited to get the call for another! This time it’s for “Orlando” but with a production concept based on Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige” which involves magic and murder and intrigue and hopeless romance. Good stuff. We wanted the piece to feel like a victorian magician poster. I had a lot of fun fitting in suggestive little plot elements, and hand drawing the type. Thanks to director Alison Moritz for the job!

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St Louis Magazine

Beacon_smallI have a couple illustrations in January’s St Louis Magazine. I was especially excited because the article, which was about young people doing exciting things in the city, discussed Citypulse. more on that Here

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J&JI’ve decided to try to post a drawing on twitter every day in 2013. I’ll put some up here as well but if you want to see them all and hold me accountable for my ill advised resolution look me up @NoahMacMillan¬†twitter.com/NoahMacMillan

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