Coloring Club STL

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 10.37.33 AMIn one of the more fun assignments I’ve had recently, Jess Leitch of City in a Jar asked me to contribute a coloring page for her monthly STL Coloring Club. It was a great excuse to draw a bunch of old cars I’ve seen around the city. I’ve attached the high res file below that you can feel free to print out and color in yourself if you’d like. Just don’t be a dick and sell iphone cases with it or something okay?

Coloring Club STL (303 downloads)

Coloring page 2

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Fashion Week Drawing


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I Had a fun opportunity to do some on-the-spot drawing recently when I was hired by the Regional Arts Comission (RAC) for a kickoff event for St Louis Fashion week. I set up in a little booth and spent a couple hours doing quick drawings of the various fashionable folks in attendance. I tried to get through each drawing in about 5-8 minutes and I think I finished about 18. Most of the drawings were given away to folks who posed for them, but here are a couple that I found images of, and a couple that I did beforehand to practice.

I know next to nothing about the fashion world and have never worked anything like this which made it a challenge. I tried to just focus on looking for interesting colors and shapes. The time limit was probably a blessing because it forced me to move quickly and not worry to much about getting every line right.

Thanks to Mallory Nazeem from RAC for hiring me and to everybody for patiently standing still!
Fashion6 Fashion5 Fashion4 Fashion3 Fashion2 Fashion1

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