Bitcoin Party

Here’s a new piece for San Francisco Magazine about the murky world of Bitcoin trading. I’ve been really fascinated by the whole bitcoin thing for a while now so it was great to have an excuse to spend time learning more about it. Also, for the record, this came out before the big Newsweek cover.

Here are a couple of the other sketch ideas that i submitted. They all revolve around poker, which we thought was a good metaphor for risky high stakes trading. It’s actually pretty rare that my favorite sketch is the one the art director and editors decide to go with but it happened this time.

Big thanks to A.D. Rod Escobar and thanks for looking!
bitcoin Sketches


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Catching up


I’ve been super busy with a couple of big projects and haven’t posted much for a while. Here are a couple of fun things i’ve been working on though. Above is another image for howler to commemorate the USA vs Mex clash a couple weeks back. DOS A CERO. Boom. Go America. below is my submission to the Skin Jobs Zine, which will feature 30 original pieces all based of the movie Blade Runner. I will post info on it as soon as it becomes available! Thanks for looking.

blade runner comp_small


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Mad Scientists!

Real life Mad scientists are attempting to clone a wooly mammoth, Jurassic Park style. I had no choice but to draw this. Here’s a link to an article discussing the situation.  Thanks for looking.

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Happy 2013

Cliff_Ship_smallSorry to close out the year with bad news but here’s my even  and level headed take on post fiscal cliff finance.  This was for the Washington Post’s Capital Business supplement. The subject is speculation over just how bad things might be for the financial sector if an agreement isn’t made. This one was a quick turnaround and a lot of fun to work on. Thanks to AD Meredith Bowen!

photo (9)

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Great Forest Park Balloon Race

Recently I got the opportunity to work on the poster for one of my favorite local events, the balloon race!  As this was the 40th anniversary of the race, we talked about doing something that had a bit of a retro vibe. I looked at a lot of WPA era posters and used that as a starting point for my sketching.  I was particularly excited that they let me get away with a hand drawn type treatment as that is something i’m trying to bring into my work more. We wound up going with a slightly different version where the type is more central but i’m still partial to this version. Big thanks to Katie Zeidman at Blick and Staff for contacting me for the job.

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American Illustration 31

Got some exciting news the other day that this piece from my thesis project of creation myths from around the world made it into American Illustration 31. Really thrilled that i’ll be in that book with so many of my illustration heros.  I was interested to hear that this piece in particular was chosen as, unlike most of my work, it was done totally intuitively, without any sketching and with very little digital tweaking.

Also, happy to share this video that our ‘GOOD Ideas for Cities’ team put together and presented last month. Thanks to everyone (all 850+ of you) who made it out to the presentations. The wild enthusiasm and turnout for the event were at least as exciting as anything presented onstage. Already looking forward to the follow up during STL design week in September.

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GOOD ideas for cities

Anybody who follows this blog (hi mom!) might have noticed a distinct lack of posts in the last few weeks. I’ve working on a couple of different projects right now that I’m excited to share soon, but by far the largest chunk of my time has gone towards a project for GOOD Magazine’s GOOD ideas for cities competition. I’m working with a team called Brain Drain. We’ve been blissfully cranking on something really cool, and we’re thrilled that the time to show it off is almost upon us. If you’re in the St. Louis area PLEASE come down to check out the presentations. And come early! the GOOD representatives we’ve spoken to have said that St. Louis has gotten behind this competition more than any other city that they’ve worked with. It sounds like it’s going to be packed.

Thursday, March 8
Doors at 6:00 p.m.
Program begins at 7:00 p.m.

Contemporary Art Museum of St. Louis
3750 Washington Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63108

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