Stadium Cut-ups

A Craft Project for Soccer Fanatics

The world’s great stadiums at your fingertips. Beware papercuts!

I pitched Howler Magazine on designing flat templates of the world’s famous soccer stadiums that could be printed on a single magazine page, cut out and folded into shape by (patient) readers. Our first version was The Bernabéu, to accompany a cover story on the history of Real Madrid. After some great feedback it became a recurring feature.

Later Major League Soccer asked me to create some more to help promote big rivalry matches.

Photo help from my dad!

Tips for building:

Use a X-acto or similar craft knife to cut out pieces. Using heavier paper will make the stadium easier to build and more solid. Card stock is ideal. Be sure not to cut directly on a desk or table. Use a piece of cardboard or the back of a magazine to make sure you don’t damage your tabletop. You don’t need any tape to construct the stadium, but if you plan to keep it around on your desk for a while, a couple pieces on the insides of corners will make sure it doesn’t fall apart too easily. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Download Links

Children’s Mercy Park (432 downloads)

RedBull Arena (356 downloads)

Providence Park (859 downloads)

Maracana (503 downloads)

Highbury (685 downloads)

Bernabeu (397 downloads)